External Engagements

Case Study

The University of Sydney team required to Identifying, developing and supporting partnerships that will improve our collaborative research outcomes, augment their education offering and increase the overall impact for society.

Products utilized

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Salesforce Experience Cloud
  • Salesforce Shield

Problem Statement

  • A perception that the University of Sydney are difficult to collaborate with
  • Business cards filed in cabinets
  • Manually collecting business card data in spreadsheets for maintenance


  • Salesforce platform power of multi channels were utilised to open communication and generate leads via Web forms & email.
  • Salesforce 360* feature was used to capture customer information in one place


  • Implemented the Service Cloud features- Web-to-case and Email-to-Case functionality
  • Enabled the ABN look of service for address validation
  • Integrated with external system AEM for student inquiries onboarding into Salesforce
  • Supported Large volume of Data set loading into Salesforce with an Automation approach

Business and Customer Outcomes

  • Business Team proactively engagements ensured relationships are managed in a collaborative and consistent way
  • Improved the partner experience
  • Single source of information loaded into Salesforce


  • ClientUniversity of Sydney
  • CategoryUniversity of Sydney

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