Short-term Accommodation Register

Case Study

Providing NSW residents with a register of properties that are marked as exclusionary for rental accommodation.

Products utilized

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Salesforce Experience Cloud

Problem Statement

  • NSW Citizens are unaware of the true state of the rental properties while booking their accommodation leading to malpractices by the landlords
  • Lack of unified data source to track the rental properties deemed unsafe


  • Cloud Raptor partnered with the NSW Government Customer Service department to implement a Salesforce-based short term rental accommodation solution.


  • After a deep analysis of the number of rental issues being reported by NSW citizens, NSW DCS & Salesforce with Cloud Raptor came together to build an open Registry where all the houses which have open issues/ lawsuits can be captured
  • This registry can be accessed by NSW citizens to view & validate if the rental property they are applying to already has an underlying issue or had it in previous instance.

Business and Customer Outcomes

  • Created an open-search platform for 8.2 million citizens of NSW to search rental properties before booking their next holidays
  • Delivered underlying processes to manage the rental properties for different landlords leading to better governance and tracking


  • ClientNSW Government, DCS
  • CategoryNSW Government, DCS

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